Sustainable MTB development

There are plenty of opportunities to ride a mountain bike in Viborg Municipality.

You can experience an adventure that cannot be found in many places. With a sustainable MTB development in cooperation with volunteers, you can cycle 100 kilometers of tracks in different forest and nature areas, which are connected by transport roads that, primarily gravel and cycle paths. One of these areas is Ødalen, where the route to the European and National Championships will primarily take place.

You can read more about Viborg's 100 kilometer track at

Ødalen, Klostermarken and Nordisk Park will be three of the areas where the route takes place and there will be plenty of spectator hotspots where you can get up close to the riders.


Viborg - full of history, culture, nature and events!

As our guest in Viborg, you'll experience a true combination of stories and adventures. Come and explore some of Denmark's beautiful, exciting, and rich history. Visit the thousand-year-old churches. Take a trip to "De Fem Halder," which emerged in the year 1300 – or take some days out of your calendar to get close to both the churches and culture for example, on a journey along “Hærvejen”.

The Viborg region offers perhaps Denmark's most diverse natural experiences. If you want to get yourself into nature, you'll love the area around Viborg. Here you can choose areas of the past, the old oak forests, Dollerup Hills or the many lakes around Viborg.

Viborg is a beautiful old town with everything you could wish for in terms of history, shopping, sports, and culture. And as if that weren't enough, the surrounding area is filled with attractions, experiences, and some of Denmark's most beautiful landscapes just waiting to be explored.

We look forward to welcoming you to Viborg!