The Board of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme has awarded Denmark the European Championships in MTB Marathon 2024, to be held in Viborg. Additionally, the union is inclined to grant Denmark three more European Championships, allowing the cities of Viborg and Silkeborg to anticipate the following:

  • 2024 MTB Marathon European Championships, Viborg
  • 2026 MTB Youth European Championships, Silkeborg
  • 2027 MTB Youth European Championships, Viborg
  • 2028 Gravel European Championships, Silkeborg

The agreement for the MTB Marathon EC 2024 will be signed shortly by the president of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme, Enrico Della Casa, and Ulrik Wilbek, the mayor of Viborg Municipality. Simultaneously, the Union Européenne de Cyclisme is working with Silkeborg Municipality, Viborg Municipality, the Danish Cycling Federation, and Sport Event Denmark on a comprehensive agreement for three additional European Championships, bringing the total to 4 championships for Denmark.

Enrico Della Casa, President of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme, states: “Our decision to award these four European Championships to Denmark underscores the recognition of this Nordic country as an ideal venue for cycling events of this nature. It reflects a careful evaluation of the country’s characteristics, making it highly suitable for hosting off-road cycling races such as MTB and Gravel. Additionally, Denmark is renowned for its high-level cycling infrastructure and a well-functioning cycling culture that encourages participation and enthusiasm among cycling enthusiasts. With its reputation as a welcoming and safe destination for cyclists of all ages.

Denmark presents an ideal environment for events promoting family participation, as seen in the European Mountain Bike Marathon, Youth Mountain Bike, and Gravel Championships. This not only reinforces the positive impact of the event on the local area but also helps spread cycling culture and promote a healthy and active lifestyle among young people. The allocation of these events aligns with some of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme’s priorities, such as promoting and developing off-road cycling with the subsequent involvement of local families and communities, consolidating Denmark’s role as a destination of outstanding character for cycling.”

Enrico Della Casa expresses gratitude to Ulrik Wilbek, Mayor of Viborg, for his decision to host the MTB Marathon in August 2024. He also thanks both Ulrik Wilbek and Helle Gade, Mayor of Silkeborg, for their positive approach to negotiations for the multi-year agreement covering four European Championships in the period 2024–2028. These negotiations are expected to conclude before the summer holidays and are very valuably supported by the Danish Cycling Federation under President Morten Anderson, who is active and influential in Europe, especially concerning youth cycling, and Sport Event Denmark, with whom we have worked together in the past and who represents a solid guarantee of success in terms of organization.

We also look forward to a strong collaboration with Outdoor Arena, a visionary and professional collaboration in MTB and gravel cycling between the two municipalities that has previously attracted and hosted both EC and WC events.


Helle Gade, Mayor of Silkeborg, states:

“We are very proud to have the opportunity to host the European Championships in both Youth MTB and later Gravel. Silkeborg is already one of the leading kayak areas in Europe and has hosted several major international championships in recent years. But we also have some of the very best MTB trails and are well on our way to developing our entire area to create the best conditions for both Gravel and Road Cycling. So it is entirely natural that we now also bid to host international cycling sports events in our beautiful city-near nature. At the same time, we have a strong and vibrant community life, which helps ensure solid support from the many volunteers when we organize these major events. Finally, we have some truly unique settings here in Denmark’s Outdoor Capital, which we look forward to showcasing and presenting.”


Ulrik Wilbek, Mayor of Viborg, states:

“Viborg Municipality has developed our very own large national and international signature events in both culture and sports over the years. We do this because we want to be attractive to both guests and our own citizens. Nordic Lake Festival is our own multisport festival, located by the lakes of Viborg in suburban forest. Here, we usually gather several thousand schoolchildren, students, enthusiasts, company teams, etc. In 2024, we expand this event with the MTB Marathon European Championship (XCM), making the festival encompass everything from school sports to European elite cycling. We use the same framework for the Youth EC in 2027, where 800 young people compete for 5 days and attract an additional 2500 guests from all over Europe.

Our event strategy is about both great experiences and economic growth for hotels, restaurants, retail stores etc. We are very pleased to bring events that promote economic growth and showcase the cultural and sporting wealth of our municipality. This is done in collaboration with the Danish Cycling Federation, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the events.”

The two municipalities have previously established the initiative Outdoor Arena with ambitious goals of developing trails and outdoor facilities to make the area the best outdoor destination in Denmark. It also aims to attract events and competitions. “This entails obligations,” says Henrik Karlsen, director of Outdoor Arena, who has previously received an award from the Olympic House in Lausanne for “Outstanding commitment in hosting the world championship for World Triathlon.”

Morten Anderson, President of the Danish Cycling Federation, states:

“Denmark has a proud tradition of nurturing great talent in MTB, and with five-time world champion Annika Langvad as the biggest name in the discipline, we are excited about the prospect of another major MTB Marathon championship on Danish soil after the 2022 World Championships in Haderslev. The European championship is both a fantastic event in itself and inspiring for everyone in the MTB sport in Denmark – not least our younger generations, who will have the opportunity to see their idols and the greatest athletes in action. The support for all this from the municipalities is crucial, and we are very pleased with their commitment to creating the best possible conditions for outdoor activities for everyone and especially for the MTB sport, including the elite. We are looking forward to a major international championship this summer in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes we have in Denmark.

Lars Lundov, CEO Sport Event Denmark, states:

“We are thrilled that Denmark, with Silkeborg and Viborg at the helm, has been set to host several prestigious European Championships in MTB and gravel. This recognition underlines Denmark’s position as a leading position in cycling sports and event hosting. With the expertise of The Danish Cycling Federation and the engagement of the host cities, we look forward to exploring how to create unforgettable experiences for both athletes – elite and recreational – and fans.”

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